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History calendar

In 2003's first mobile phone holster - Mr. Takashi cigar cartridge to protect cherished phone at that time LV humidor was inspired to "complete coating", the use of shoe lasts molding, for his first handmade only phone holster.

2004 customized orders, TAKASHI founded Yahoo auction began receiving phone holster custom orders, whichever is named TAKASHI.

2005 Chinese world most professional Sony Ericsson Mobile Forum fortune TAKASHI phone leather caused a broad response and discussion.

2006 Import-scale production plant for the production of leather goods make more precise and improve productivity, Mr. Takashi postponement of three master cobbler join the team, TAKASHI official mass production period. After importing the large-scale production plant, the production of leather phone more stable, beginning set out to develop leather wallet.
Taiwan was established in 2007 the island over the dealer

2008 cell phone holster and simultaneous release of large dealers favor -Diamond get HTC for HTC Touch Diamond Diamond machine tailored Exclusive leather, the first synchronization with the mobile phone market sales of mobile phones leather, leather goods production quality and speed have been keep up with the pace maker. In the same year launched office supplies leather goods, 3C leather, big bag.

2009 composite material - hard shell, leather is more in line with HTC HD2, iPHONE3 users' needs, the first attempt composite materials - plastic use, success with slimmer fuselage protection degree obedient, hard shell leather case with the phone is closed and as a convenience and comfort, it is a growing trend.

In 2010 amounted to 100 Taiwan To Buy

2011 design team stationed, both functional beauty patented product was born as a rich leather design aesthetic and creativity, to recruit pure esthetics designers to join the team for the innovative design TAKASHI inject endless energy, and the birth of the CC button W functional gum two exclusive patents, in addition to improved network order process and shorten the time of delivery for the member drive ten working days, to provide affordable, fast delivery of services to meet the efficiency with customers.
Functional Patent -CC deduction for the improvement of old leather straps and leather wear easily broken shortcomings, original leather wrap patented magnet technology to achieve slimmer functional use, design is more simple and neat.
Functional gum patent -W, ​​from the Japanese designer inspired leather in the suspension, without living with Down coated only with the body adhesive glue fixed, neat, no residue, with the CC deduction technical principles, design Two-stage magnet phone to change two angles stand out, delicate and succinct process engineering methods, let holster into the ultimate beauty of simplicity, the same year the patent application process.