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Custom FAQs

● Custom FAQs

Q: holster made in the store Web page, a mobile phone is not every fan can be custom made?
A: Some parts require special offer production models, due to the need to open mold making components, and another some phones due to the shape of the more special, or body button holes arrange more special, resulting in a dimensionless version can not fight on overcome limitations, not every one phone can be customized with a choice of styles.
If you can not find your phone model that matches the list of our available phone models, you have the style leather phone can not be customized, please buy other styles of merchandise.
If your particular phone model, you can not find suitable product in our stores in order, please click on the top of the page "I want to shout" leave your needs, or e-mail letters, also please contact us.

Q: In custom leather goods store page, you can do according to my taste changes?
A: Each store custom preset will be displayed along with the leather sample image specifications are subject to change, if you do not like the color of the sample, only your mouse click on the "Others" in the pop-up window that you can choose the favorite leather.
About each feature leather, as well as for custom products, you can click on the home page to the right of "leather selection" page describes browse differences between the cortex.

Q: anterior cingulate way merchandise stores holster I do not like it, I can change my favorite engaging way? And why some cell phone holster models have provided "anterior cingulate" or "after the deduction" for us to choose, some are not?
A: For each style of goods, in addition to providing us with the same store engaging way than we would otherwise provide 1-2 different engaging ways for you to choose without additional price.
To remind you that not all of the fastening methods can be customized, engaging in some ways because of the different styles of leather to produce the case does not apply, but the magnitude of the changes will involve an excessive style or version changes the question shall be custom-made communication, if you have this need, please leave a message or contact us.
Before making our past experience, we will be the most suitable style leather case with several, after engaging manner listed for you to choose, which is tens of thousands of items we have accumulated valuable experience in the production, not only in function deployment allowing you to use more comfortable, but also to ensure that the goods are to maintain our style aesthetic attitude.

Q: After the store merchandise leather buckle way I do not like it, I can change my favorite engaging way?
A: For each style of goods, in addition to providing us with the same store engaging way than we would otherwise provide him engaging way for you to choose without additional price.
Back button is generally provided waist hanging or card making layer, and wallet, and other functions, according to you want to holster hanging at the waist or in hand-portable way, and have different additional functions for you to choose.
If you have special needs or personal custom creative ideas, please leave a message or contact us.

Q: stamping on the way, I have that choice? I can stamping their favorite pattern, or signature design their own thing?
A: In addition to selecting free Stamping combination than we offer, you can also offer your favorite pattern file (JEPG file format), signature (JEPG file format), or your own design drawing (JEPG file format ).
* In accordance with various different styles of leather, we offer a number ranging from one to specify the stamping position for you to choose. * In accordance with various different styles of leather, we offer a number ranging from one to specify the stamping position for you to choose.
To remind you that the fee increases 500 yuan stamping area of ​​4 square centimeter, if you want a larger pattern or stamping area, will be proportionally additional costs (for example: $ 550 5 cm ^ 6 cm ^ 2 $ 600, 7 cm ^ 650 yuan, 800 yuan 10 cm ^ 20 cm ^ 1,300 yuan, and so on).
Reminder: There are no lines or lines of small leather stamping effect is more pronounced than would coarse grain or grain big leather.

Q: What are custom leather accessories to choose?
A: We have to provide the rope with hand strap Tisheng for you to choose.
Charm rope to the front end of a thin black rope, may be passed through a small hole on the ultra-thin leather, or with a strap hole on the phone with the use.
Hand Tisheng front end metal buckle, can be directly buckle in a holster on the D-shaped ring.
* Remind you, not the general custom leather sewn D-ring on the holster, only if you choose to purchase hand Tisheng will be in a specific location on a holster help you sew the D-ring.

Q: Your leather products are used leather it?
A: All merchandise TAKASHI brands, are using leather (range includes leather, suede and calfskin) production.
TAKASHI JOY brand belonging to the launch of the green cortex spot commodities, the non-leather production, environmental protection is the use of high-texture leather production, the introduction of spot commodity-specific models, since the cortex is not conducive to repeat sewing, so the series products shall not provide a warranty Maintenance service.
This series of products in the "spot zone" among the "synthetic leather phone sets" and "synthetic leather flat flat sets of" two categories Browse purchase.

Q: What kind of leather is more durable?
A: In the bag often need to withstand wear and tear parts, it is recommended to select rigid quality leather (soft and hard leather leather color classification visible card selection page); and some models of mobile phones leather, often need to take the hand of style, due to constant contacts, and therefore more or less wear and tear is inevitable
Because leather materials are natural, and therefore can not ensure that wear does not occur, the situation often wear will vary depending on the individual habits of use, especially in fall, collision or friction with jeans, can cause wear and tear.

Q: What is the difference cowhide with sheepskin?
A: Before the untreated leather sheepskin general would be more thick, and the sheep are usually softer texture, use both to make phone holster can feel out of the difference is not large, it will show the real difference is in the production of large-scale package better able to feel the difference between the two when the skin material between the package.

Q: My phone model you can not find in stores, or have installed my phone protective shell / water sets / jelly sleeve / metal frame, how to do it?
A: You can use your phone model or mobile phone you want to build size (length / width / height / expressed in centimeters) inform us and leave your contact phone or email with the details to us, customer service staff will help you deal with as soon as possible.
Remind you of the measurement process, please be sure to provide accurate dimensions, we will provide you customized holster according to the size of this group, and set aside adequate space for you to take out and put in your phone.
(Customer Service: service@takashi-taiwan.com)

Q: leather / leather style I want to slightly adjusted, can I?
A: possible. Our product characteristics is in accordance with customer needs to make a commodity, if you love a certain kind of merchandise within the store, but the appearance or the internal part of the mezzanine want according to your preference slight adjustments, we can follow the habits to make.
Of course, if the goods are not suitable for certain adjustments according to your needs, customer service staff will provide additional suggestions for your reference.
* Remember, if you are browsing on our official website and select your favorite style wanted slight modifications, can click on the top right of the page, "I want to shout" instructions to modify your needs, customer service staff that is as soon as possible and will contact you.

Q: I can draw your own design referred you make it?
A: Yes, you can take your design to our outlets (Taichung RACK) to communicate with us making; or send your design drawing prepared Customer Service to us, we will receive relevant information and your contact details to communicate and give you a quote and delivery
* Remind you, according to your design to re-play version of the production, working hours and charges will increase; in some cases, if we can not get the machine model, may require you to leave your phone with a version of the production.

Q: Why do some custom leather style more production time and high prices?
A: We offer a dozen leather models currently on the market for customized pricing, selling more mobile phones in the market these models and we have ready production version, so after your next order, we can more rapidly be set production industry; for some special style due to differences between the various models, in a version of the time, we also need to be tested to make sure there is no problem in use, so this part will take more time to produce, is also relatively We will invest more in production costs.

Q: My phone is smart cellular phone, if necessary openings holster style design can make it?
A: possible. We have most of the phone models available in the market, fully in accordance with your phone's location to dig holes in the hole design. If you need to dig holes camera / PA speaker hole / headphone jack and so on. Special instructions may be with us.
(If we do not have your phone model machine, customer service staff will ask you to provide information such as the size and other information or pictures for our reference production)

Q: In addition to phone holster, I can order other commodities do?
A: Currently we have provided digital cameras leather, leather notebook, office merchandise. As long as you have a product you want to do, they can communicate with us.
* We recommend that you, if you want to make a commodity, it is recommended to provide your thoughts similar to the reference image, or hand-painted draft, so when the two sides in the communication process will be made more smoothly.

Q: I can choose their favorite color, or to make leather goods it?
A: We are currently available in dozens of leather and calfskin, lambskin for you to choose, you can flip leather book distribution points in the province, to understand the real leather touch and color.
If you want to prepare their own leather production for us, you are welcome to bring leather to Direct store (Taichung stores) to communicate with us, we will review your leather and quotation-related production.

Q: cash or merchandise can be customized to provide stamping services?
A: stamping and spot commodity without providing any other service changes can not be charged to the cost of the additional stamping Font manner on the goods.
We ordered goods available in English and capitalization "-", ".", "&", The symbol of the three free stamping, letter size is fixed and can not be reduced and enlarged, each item up to 12 selectable horizontal word ( spaces) stamping combinations.

Q: What is mold stamping? If I want something special stamping pattern or fonts can do?
A: If you want to imprint your autograph, self-designed patterns or special fonts Chinese fonts can be patterned drawing (stamping can not create gradient effects) send us, we will be handed over copper mold production company according to your unique pattern make your mold.
This service requires additional charges NTD500 yuan, after the mold produced by us can choose to take custody of lien, or retrieve together with the goods in the custody of your own; but keeping their own mold the next time you want to make, such as stamping, personal Exclusive mold sent to the factory freight need borne by your own.
(Note: the basic charge mold engraving area 500 yuan offered to no more than 4 cm ^ (for example, 2x2 or 1x4) are limited or special sizes specified pro rata additional costs, in order, is 5 cm ^ 550 yuan, 600 yuan 6 cm ^ 7 cm ^ 650 yuan, 800 yuan 10 square centimeter, that is an area of ​​1 square centimeter for every additional 50 yuan)

Q: There are cell phone holster for optional accessory?
A: Currently you can choose to order phone holster accessories hand Tisheng. Optional hand Tisheng will fit your phone holster the chosen leather production together.

Q: store commodity picture in stamping pattern or text, and then also appear on my custom holster it?
A: Store in the picture is for reference, stamping on leather sometimes schematic only and custom holster unless the customer requirements, all without any stamping pattern or text appears.
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