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Shopping FAQs

● Shopping FAQ

Q: After the spot commodity checkout, how long can receive the goods?
A: After the completion of the physical commodities generally pay about 3 to 5 business days can receive the goods. If you happen to encounter a temporary stock shortage, we will as soon as possible for you to transfer cargo, shipping time and without notice. Goods ordered the complete return on your money every other day starting from about 15 to 17 days to complete the ship.

Q: Why do you need custom leather goods 15 to 17 days waiting period
A: Each custom leather case is handmade by a single person a teacher, coupled with our quality for demanding, so limited a day can do custom made leather. In order for you to receive a satisfactory custom merchandise, team thank you for your patience!

 Q: customized merchandise anxious to give as gifts, there is no way you can quickly receive the goods?
A: For some reason can not wait for customers, we offer seven courier service; customized goods and services plus urgent need to charge additional fees NTD500 yuan, and receive goods ordered within seven working days after the completion of transfer. To remind you, for urgent projects, please call us before the next book in advance, we will have someone at your disposal.

Q: whether the goods making defective merchandise? What is the difference with the general merchandise? Why at the lower price?
A: Before the series of goods and special order merchandise confirm the market, we will go through the process of making several confirmed, usually finalized version of the product, with almost the same spot after the market, only the difference in whether the imprint or brand specifying stamping, which is a version of the origin of goods. A version of the already very favorable commodity prices, and therefore will not provide warranty service. Making products product shown in the picture is the reality of goods, pictures unmodified concealer, consumers WYSIWYG. (* Non-normality - making commodity preferential trade, mining occasional Release)

Q: All products are provided warranty it?
A: For TAKASHI Leather goods, including leather holster spot, as well as custom leather goods, we offer sutures, plastic parts and metal zippers and other parts for two years warranty; rather TAKASHI JOY synthetic leather section, we offer new products to replace the defect, without providing warranty service.

Q: Select the ATM did not receive money remittance mail order
 A: Hello likely your letter went to bother you check your junk mail once