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Return Policy

● Return Details

Q: I received the goods ordered are not satisfied with how to do? You can unsubscribe / return it?
A: Because the goods are made by hand by each master your production needs, so please double-check the next order at the time your order specifications; Once the order will not be able to start making any reason (for example: color, and I imagine different .. ..) for return; if commodity production style Failing to your needs, we will help you deal with free back.

Q: commodities sales service and maintenance deal with it?
A: Every item we have a lifetime warranty service; with the use of leather will produce different changes in circumstances, or cause different wear, this is a natural phenomenon belongs to the material without warranty. Maintenance product range includes plastic parts, hardware accessories, zippers and other parts of the car line, we will provide a reasonable offer in accordance with the maintenance case goods.
If your goods need to be repaired, can goods sent to the following address: 408 Tenth Street, Dun Taichung Nantun District No. 360, calories Division leather maintenance department received. After receiving the customer service staff will contact you and inform the costs and time required for maintenance.
If you are unsure whether you can repair, maintenance costs or want to find out in advance, you can be on the damaged part of the first camera (be sure to photograph clear), via email or LINE: transfer (our ID mytakashi) to give us an inquiry that is can.
(* Maintenance of goods from the freight repair shall be borne by the person themselves)
* Please note that not all situations can repair damage, in case of missing parts, lack of material or structural problems can not be repaired, we recommend that you otherwise replace the product, or to re-order